Greatful Head in Hochatown, OK

Just up the road from Broken Bow, OK there is a little town called Hochatown. My family is doing something called glamping, which is basically living for a week in a fully furnished cabin with all the amenities, and yet being able to walk around outside and even hiking or sitting around a fire whenever you want. It is great for those of us who start the best fires with Duraflame logs.

Fighting off bears or other forest animals probably wasn’t something I needed to stay near the family for, so I set off to discover what new beer Oklahoma had to offer. I was so excited that I headed to the three liquor stores in Broken Bow the second day of our trip. The first I went to was so small that they didn’t sell much beer and no beer from OK. The second had a bit more promise as it was twice the size of the first, but alas although they boasted “the best selection of imports in town” there was nothing from the whole state they were in. The third store reminded me of my childhood because it was run by a grandma who hadn’t changed her haircut in several decades (miss you grams), but alas there was no OK beer to be found.

I went back to my cabin to sit on the patio in the sun and enjoy a beautiful 75 degree afternoon… without a beer. I decided not to give up my search and I’m so glad I didn’t.

I discovered a pizza place in Hochatown, Greatful Head Pizza Over and Tap Room. It was like a beautiful beer oasis in a barren desert of imports and domestics. They had OK beer from local and statewide breweries that really impressed me.



With multiple breweries to sample from and a great representation of beers to choose, Grateful Head made me grateful they were there. If anyone is familiar with OK beer, you probably know about Prairie Artisan Ales and their BOMB! beer. Even though they were out of the BOMB! I’m still happy to know they had it on draft and actually offered it by the pitcher! If I had a few friends with me, a pitcher of BOMB! would have made for a great afternoon.

So, if you find yourself in the Broken Bow area, make sure you make it over to Grateful Head Pizza Oven and Tap Room and enjoy some of the best OK has to offer. Oh, and you can probable avoid the local liquor stores if your looking for OK craft beer.

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