Bent Paddle – My First Minnesota Experience

As a Minnesota noob, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to a lot of places, but Minnesota held a special place in my heart. I know beer has been big in Wisconsin for a long time (hopefully I’ll visit soon), but Minnesota was a mystery. Well, after my recent visit it is a mystery no more.

The_Bent_TapI really enjoyed the beer, and the whole Minnesota experience. Knowing that Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, we found a lake to hang out at (Lake Vermilion), and on the way there stopped in Duluth.

For most of the group I was travelling with groceries were the priority, but for me I had to know about the local beer scene. I found a brewery right off the road we were rolling into town on, and my crew was kind enough to drop me off while they went to pick up the non-essentials like food for the week.

I was excited to try my very first Minnesota beer, and walked into a great tap room in the same building with the brewery. The place was called Bent Paddle Brewing Co. When I arrived, all the seats are the bar were occupied, but there were still several tables available. I took a stroll around to check out the merchandise while I waited for a spot at the bar to open up.
BentPaddleTapRoomThere’s an overhead door adjacent to the bar that opens up into the brewery. As you might hope or expect they’ve got games you can play at the tables and a really inviting area to sit with friends and socialize.

It wasn’t long before a spot opened and I sat down and ordered a flight. I was excited to see that the flight included their 4 signature beers + 2 specialty beers.
BentPaddleBeersThe beers were great, I was really impressed with the lineup they had put together. They had some of their beers on nitro as well. The beer I was most impressed with was the Venture Pils. I’m not typically a Pils lover, but┬áthis beer really impressed me. In fact, I left with a growler of the stuff. It was the perfect Pilsner for me with a bit more hops that you might expect, but balanced perfectly for a very pleasant finish.

The place really started to get busy the later into the day it got. This was a Saturday afternoon and by the time I left, it was pretty busy. The staff was very helpful, informative and friendly. They did a great job keeping up with the steady stream of people ordering. I was really pleased with the entire experience and would definitely recommend that when you find yourself in Duluth, MN you make your way over to Bent Paddle. And if you see their beer available in your area, pick some up because it is quality stuff.



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