Peticolas – American Craft Beer Week

This week, Peticolas Brewing Company in Dallas opened its doors to a small group for a special brewery tour. The tour was highlighted by some of the great beers it has made over the past few years. Peticolas has a well deserved reputation in the Dallas area as one of the top breweries in town, and the fantastic product they turn out year after year continues to impress.

A tour of the Peticolas brewery should be on your to do list, but don’t expect to be blown away by the building or the decoration, instead expect to be blown away by the beer. From this modest looking space, the brewers at Peticolas make a variety of absolutely fantastic beers. The simple fact is that Peticolas doesn’t make a bad beer, and you will get that same feedback from people familiar with this growing Dallas brewery.
PBC_croudThis week’s tour was to celebrate American Craft Beer Week, and there were sixty tickets sold for the event. As an attendee, I was thankful that they rolled out some of their most special beers. Some special releases available to sample were: The DUKE (barley wine), Irish Goodbye (Irish Red), Black Curtains (Imperial Stout), A Lost Epic (Belgian Triple), and the third anniversary beer Sledgehammer (American Strong).


Peticolas doesn’t currently bottle, and there is a relatively small radius around the brewery where you can typically find their beer on tap. If you’re visiting Dallas, I’d recommend putting the brewery on your short-list, or finding a place in town that serves their beer. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to leave Dallas without drinking some beer from Peticolas.

You can find Velvet Hammer (Imperial Red) on tap across the city as this is the most popular beer offered by Peticolas. Golden Opportuntity (Kolsch derivative/Golden Ale) is showing up in a growing number of places as well. But if you want to experience all Peticolas has to offer, you’ve got to visit their brewery. With the regular tours on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month, you need to plan in advance. For more details, check out their website




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