The Holy Grail Pub

The Holy Grail Pub has seen a lot of change in the almost six years it has been open. The Holy Grail Pub has been there through the craft beer explosion and continues to deliver. So has The Holy Grail Pub changed? In a word YES!
THG_taps_smIn 2009, The Holy Grail Pub was one of the first to open in a new development just south of 121 on Preston. Opening a traditional feeling English pub in suburban Dallas isn’t exactly a sure thing. Owners Brian and Christi have worked tirelessly to ensure that The Holy Grail Pub isn’t just another English pub transplant, but a place that appeals to locals and travelers alike. They’ve created a local destination that offers ambiance, food and drinks that are easy to appreciate no matter where you’re from. The Holy Grail Pub is full of old-world charm, but it is rounded out with new-world fare.
THG_seats_smThe menu features freshly prepared items that are sure to please. From corn shaved right off the cob on salads to a smokin’ hot ghost pepper chili, the Holy Grail Pub has a menu offering a wide variety of quality options. You can tell that care and time went into creating this menu. Traditional pub favorites like Fish and Chips and Shepard’s Pie are there so don’t worry!

It should be noted that The Holy Grail Pub got Best Bar Food – D Magazine’s Best of Big D Reader’s Choice in 2011, 2013, and 2014.

The kitchen is open, with a full menu every day until 1 AM. This is great for those who might be coming from events wrapping up in the area. Whether your coming from a concert at Toyota Stadium, or a long day of work, to be able to get a quality menu at that hour can be priceless!

Once you walk through the unique front door (yes it is the front door), you’ll be in a welcoming space. It is dark inside and can be quite an adjustment from a bright Texas summer day. Once you get in it is easy to get comfortable and enjoy all The Holy Grail Pub has to offer.
THG_outside_smThere is a large outdoor seating area as well in a breezeway space adjacent to the pub with plenty of space to hang out and enjoy a beer. There is full service to all the tables so you don’t have to go in and out to order (for you true out of towners).

When The Holy Grail Pub opened in 2009, the beer scene was completely different than it was today. Most craft beers were primarily available in bottles, and imported from across the country or internationally. Since that time, craft beer has changed and there has been a move toward draft offerings. The Holy Grail Pub has embraced the trend and added (a lot) more taps to meet the demand.
THG_taps2_smThe Holy Grail Pub is destination a beer lover should seek out. Knowledgeable and friendly staff guide folks through the wide variety of options, and do a great job of directing beer enthusiasts and neophytes alike to a beer they are likely to enjoy. With a great selection of drafts supplemented by a bottle selection, there is a beer here for everyone who loves beer. Their love of beer is evident, and the bar is a great place to engage the bar tender and even other guests about the great beers.

If you are a whiskey drinker that happened across a beer site, don’t be discouraged.
THG_whiskeyThe Holy Grail Pub has a fantastic whiskey selection. If you’re looking for whiskey from the highlands, isles, lowlands or the flatlands we call Texas, The Holy Grail Pub has you covered.

The Holy Grail Pub is well on their way to building an extensive whiskey offering. Bringing together whiskeys from Scotland, Ireland and the US there is a huge variety available. Peaty, smokey, sweet, smooth, clean, rye; no matter what words you use to describe the whiskey you like you’re likely to find it here.

Good people, good drinks and good food are what The Holy Grail Pub is all about.


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