Four Bullets Brewery

Four_Bullets_EntryFour Bullets Brewery is the realization of a dream for two dedicated home brewers who have a passion for beer. Located off Arapaho between 75 and Greenville Four Bullets has created four beers to launch with and has opened its doors to the public.

The taproom and brewery are in the same building and the back opens up to an area where they’ve setup picnic tables and bar tables made from wooden spools. The place has a very comfortable atmosphere. It is also very small, so be aware that as it gains in popularity, it could get crowded. During my visit it was beginning to fill up, but there weren’t long lines for the taps.
Four_Bullets_Walk_DARTThe location is great, located within a 10 minute walk of the Arapho DART station, it is easy to get to by train. In fact, the DART rail runs just behind the brewery in the back, so the occasional passing train adds to the experience. There is parking along some areas of the street out front with additional parking along the back of the building. The entrance to the back parking is between N. Interurban and Greenville off Arapaho.


Four_Bullets_Beer_BoardFour Bullets four beers are very approachable beers that shouldn’t intimidate anyone who likes beer. My favorite was the English Pub Ale, which is a mild bitter that I found to be very smooth and drinkable. I really enjoyed all the beers I sampled, and found they had a small batch quality that separated them even from those you typically find at a micro brewery.¬†While the beers themselves had a robust flavor, they also felt very homey in approach. I can imagine drinking the beers next to a roaring fire in a small English pub or with friends at home.

In addition to the English Pub Ale, Four Bullets offers the Royal Flush Red, Blackjack Brown and Two Pairs Pale Ale.

The ABVs are fairly tame for these beers, and the owners stated that they wanted to create session beers. This is good because with the brewery tour, you get three pints of beer included.

The beer is soon to be headed to local bars, so you won’t have to wait for Saturday to enjoy Four Bullets. I would expect the distribution radius to be fairly small for the time being as the beer will be delivered in the back of a red pickup truck for now.


The beers are the creation of the head brewer Andrew “Drew” Smeeton and partner Jeff Douglas. Both gentlemen were there during my visit and were very welcoming and friendly. It is apparent just how much they are enjoying getting this new brewery off the ground. I found the tour to be a worthwhile venture, especially for the beer novice, as Drew covered the beer making process in a way that was very understandable. He was more than happy to answer questions and was very open.

Currently, the brewing space occupies a small corner of the building, but as the demand for this craft beer increases there is room for expansion and the tap room will move into the adjacent space.

You have to appreciate what Four Bullets Brewery stands for: the hard work and dedication of folks who have loved beer for decades and built a platform to share their passion with others.



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